Over 40 Years Of Experience

Founded by Thomas Breitenstein in 1976, Taurus Tool & Engineering started as a multi-step cutting tool manufacturer.  Tom started with two partners and assembled a team of skilled employees to meet a need in the industry.  In 1981, Taurus moved to Schaumburg, Illinois from Elk Grove Village.  This facility eventually grew to 17,500 square feet.  With proprietary equipment designed and manufactured by Tom’s father, Bud, the company grew very quickly.

Over the years, manual equipment was slowly removed and replaced with new quicker and more accurate CNC equipment.   The business flourished year after year because Taurus became known for accurately engineered and precision manufactured cutting tools.

Rebuilding Our Company

In June of 2014, the company suffered a devastating fire.  Losing most of our CNC equipment, fixtures and a myriad of other items Taurus had to rebuild.  We quickly acquired a new facility in Batavia, Illinois.  We purchased a larger and more modern facility that would handle the growth that the business had seen in later years.   We began filling our 25000 square foot facility with some of the best technology on the market in a manner that would aid better work flow.

Taurus Leadership

In February of 2015, the company was purchased in whole by Jim Kantak, Roger Wise and Richard Thiele.  Between the 3 partners, there is over 60 years manufacturing experience with over 30 years of it occurring at Taurus.

  • 16 state-of-the-art 5-Axis CNC grinders (3 with auto loaders)
  • 6 full functional solid model simulators
  • Mazak department with bar feeding capabilities
  • 4 machine milling department
  • 12 machine manual department
  • 4 Mitsubishi OD grinders
  • Tru-Tech OD grinder
  • 2 Tru-Tech Revolutions

Foundation For Success

Superior Manufacturing
Taurus has become the industry leader in solid round specialty cutting tools.
Diverse Talented Team
We put an effort on attracting and training up highly skilled employees.
Modern Facility
Our climate controlled facility aids us in holding the tightest tolerances.
Precision & Accuracy
Problem resolution at the spindle has been instrumental in our growth.